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Celery (Hydroponic)

  • Product Celery (Hydroponically Grown )
  • Weight : 250 Gram

  • ₹265.00

Celery is a wonderful source of fibre. Its fibre content is especially impressive given the vegetable's low calorie count. This makes it a great option for those concerned with losing weight or maintaining healthy digestion. 

Most people are aware that celery is low in calories, but few realise just how much this antioxidant-filled vegetable can boost both short and long-term health. Its mild flavour and aroma could be one of its greatest strengths, as it works well as a vehicle for dip and is included in a wide array of soups and salads.

Celery contains high levels of several types of antioxidants, including flavonoids. Celery is also a good source of Vitamin AVitamin C, Vitamin KPotassium and Folate.

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