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Avocado Salad Box

Perfect Party Salad with Good Fat.Ingredients 1 large Avocado 2 Cherry Tomatoes 100 gms3 Cucumbers 500 gms4 Lemons 3Pcs5 Baby Spinach 50gms/ Kale 50gm/ Lettuce 100gms / Basil6 Mix seedsadd olive oil, honey salt etc to tasteCut Big Pieces of Avocado, cherry tomatoes halfed, cucumbers, toss them in mix with lemon olive oil, honey, salt to taste..

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Brussels Sprouts Healthy Salad ..

Fruits Cheese Sticks

Pineapple Cheese Strawberry/Cherry Tomatoes/ Cherry/ Orange Kabobs... These goes perfectly with Mocktails, Cocktails and Drinks. Cut Cheese and Fruits in 1 inch Squares and pierce with tooth Picks.Serve on Ice ( for Cheese to be in Solid State). If not using Cheese then serve with Yogurt or White Sauce Easy to Make colorful healthy attraction...


Guacamole  with Good Fat serve with Nachos or Make Guacamole Wraps. Guacamole Roti Rolls (easy way to get children hooked), Guacamole sandwich, Guacamole Buns.Ingredients 1 Ripened Avocado 1 Pcs 2 Cherry Tomatoes 200 gms3 Parsley leaves/ Basil leaves 50 gms4 Lemons 5Pcs5 Onions unevenly chopped6 Olive Oil7 Pine nuts/ Walnuts ( customization)add salt n pepper to taste Mash Avocadoes ..

Khapli Wheat Flour

Delivery Charges Extra ..

Salad Twist

Salad Twist 1  Big Juicy Oranges 5 Pcs ( 3 for salad 2 for juicing )2 Lettuce Mix 250 gms3 Avocado 1Pcs ripened4 Lemons 2 Pcs5 Basil 50gms Method1 To prepare vinaigrette: Puree from Basil, oil, lime juice, orange juice, salt, pepper and garlic in a blender or food processor until smooth.2 To prepare salad: Slice both ends off oranges. With a sharp knife, remove the peel and whi..

Strawberry Chia Pudding

Surprise your guest with Strawberry Chia PuddingSoak Chia Seeds overnightCrush some of these with strawberry in a mixer to create Blood Red PasteServe creating multi layers with Nuts and StrawberriesEasy n Healthy Sweet..

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