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Green Smoothie/ Juice Couple Pack

  • Product Green Juice
  • Weight : 4 Kilogram

  • ₹2,100.00

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250gm Celery 

300 gm Kale 

500 gm Lettuce 

2kg Cucumbers

500 gm Beetroots

200gm Spinach 

400 gm Cherry Tomatoes/ Yellow ( as per availability)

1kg Veggies Broccoli/ Zucchini/ Red Cabbage/ Bell peppers

250gm BokChoy/ Leek/ Chinese Cabbage/ spring onions 

1 Kg Apples Green/ Red/ Seasonal Fruit as per availability

1 Pcs Avocado 

250gm Lemons

You can add Fresh Moringa leaves also to these Smoothies/ Juices 

Process: for preparing green juice for mornings / pre lunch / pre dinner 

Step 1.              Rinse and dry your produce. Then prep for the juicer. Its recommend chopping vegetables into pieces small enough to fit easily down the chute. They also recommend peeling all citrus fruits as they can be difficult for the machine to process, which inhibits them from being fully juiced.

Step 2.              Turn your machine on and run all ingredients through the juicer, using your tamper as needed. We recommend starting with celery, then cucumber, then herbs, then greens, and finishing with ginger, apple, and lemon. The apples and lemons seem to make a final pass through the juicer and push out any stubborn remnants that may have gotten lodged or stuck.

Step 3.              Enjoy immediately or transfer to a jar, seal well, and refrigerate up to 24 to 48 hours. Nutrients are most potent when consumed as soon after juicing as possible. Not freezer friendly.

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