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Cucumbers English (hydroponic)

  • Product Cucumber English
  • Weight : 1 Kilogram

  • ₹99.00

Nisarga special cucumbers are not only seedless but also has a very thin skin with wonderful taste. We recommend to just wash and use the cucumbers delivered by Nisarga because we use no pest spray as all the cultivation is done in green houses under controlled environment. 

English cucumbers are an excellent source of dietary fibre and vitamins A and C.

English Cucumbers are cylindrical and squat, averaging only 10-15 cms in length. Its outer skin is dark green and thin with visible, shallow ridges. The inner flesh is light green with a firm and moist texture and very few, undeveloped seeds. English cucumbers provide a sweet and mild taste with a pronounced crunch.

English cucumbers can be used raw as a salad ingredient, chopped in salsas, and mixed in creamy dressings. It can also be used on Greek salad pizzas, cooked in a stir-fry, or juiced and used in cocktails and popsicle recipes. 


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