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Celery Green Apple/ Kiwi Mix(For One Person)

Weight : 1,350 Gram


Ready basket for Green Juicing beginners. For one person use for 3 to 4 days. Raw Ingredients are only deliveredCelery - 250 gmsCucumber - 500 gmGreen Apples - 2 PCs / Green Kiwi 4 Pcs(either as per choice and availability) Lettuce - 250 gms Mint to taste You can Add Apples / Orange/ Pomegranate Blend in a Juicer with Water, Drain out the Juice and have it on empty Stomach try ..

Chop n Eat ( Salad for One)

Weight : 900 Gram


Chop n Eat box of salad greens is a right mix of ingredients required to make a healthy and tasteful salad. You just need to chop n eat.  Box consists of followingLettuce - 100 gmsHerbs - Basil leaves/ Kale / Celery 4/5 leaves Green Veg - 2Pcs Bell Pepper Colored 250gm/ red cabbage 1pcs/ Zucchini 1pcs as per availability Cucumbers 2 pcs / Baby Corns 3/4 pcs as per availability 500gm..

Kale Green Apple/ Kiwi Mix (For One Person)

Weight : 1,350 Gram


Kale -300 gmsCucumber - 500 gmGreen Apples - 2 Pcs / Green Kiwis 3PCs ( as per availability or choice ) Lettuce Basket- 250 gmsRaw ingredients only are delivered. Optional Blend in a Juicer with Water, Drain out the Juice and have it on empty Stomach try not to store. ( Pls check with your Physician in case of ailment ) Take 1/3 of each Product . You can add mint, orange o..

Rainbow Salad Box

Weight : 2,500 Gram


Nisarga Basket of Rainbow Salad includes following Good for 3/4 Persons. We supply only Super Fresh Vegetables and Green's. 1 Lettuce leaf's two more varieties 250gms2 Either of Tomatoes Cherry, Grape Yellow Tomatoes, Grape or Red Tomatoes approx 200gm or 300gms Beetroots3 Herb's one or more of the following  Celery/ Parsley/ Basil/ Dill/Kale/Rocket Leaves 100gms4 Bel..

Salad Fruit n Lettuce DIY

Weight : 1 Kilogram


Fruit Salad any time complete nourishment  1 Apple Green 1PCs 2 Red Apples 1 Pcs3 Green Kiwi 1 Pcs4 Kiwi Golden 1 PCs5 Red Grapes 100gms6 Lettuce 200 gm/ Baby Spinach 100gms, some Herbs leaves basil 7 lemons 2/3 Pcs8 Seeds mixed9 Cherry Tomatoes 100 gm..

Salad Twist

Weight : 1 Kilogram


Salad Twist is Salad with a Tangy Twist so go ahead enjoy the summer saladFollowing Ingredients1 Lettuce 100 gms2 Baby Spinach/ Basil/Kale/ Rocket 50gms (one or more pls mention your choice)3 Seeds 4 Green Kiwi 2 Pcs / Green Apples 1Pcs / Red Apple 1Pcs / Orange 2 Pcs ( as per availability pls mention your choice ) 5 Cucumber 2 Pcs / Baby Corn 3/4 500gms6 Green Veg 1 Pcs Colored Bell Pep..

Summer Salad Box (Avocado Cucumber)

Weight : 1 Kilogram


Perfect Summer Salad with Good Fat.Ingredients 1 large Avocado 2 Cherry Tomatoes 200 gms3 Cucumbers 500 gms4 Lemons 3Pcs5 Baby Spinach 50gms/ Kale 50gm/ Lettuce 100gms / Basil6 Mix seedsadd olive oil, honey salt etc to tasteCut Big Pieces of Avocado, cherry tomatoes halfed, cucumbers, toss them in mix with lemon olive oil, honey, salt to taste..

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